Get Rewarded for Living Well with Vitality.

Live healthier and get active to unlock a world of rewards.

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Exclusive Rewards.

Measure your daily fitness efforts and earn Vitality activity points to unlock exclusive Active Rewards.

Healthier Living.

Take advantage of our partner offers for cheaper gym memberships and running shoes to start tracking your new active lifestyle.

Wellness Support.

Register for an online Health Review and receive suggestions for partners who can help you achieve your wellness goals as well as delicious recipes and top healthy eating tips.

A Golden Rewards Program.

Get rewarded for being active with Up to 25% off healthy food at Ocado, up to 50% off monthly membership fees at select gyms, up to 40% off return economy flights within the UK and Europe from British Airways, free cinema tickets, free Starbucks and more!

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A Healthier and Happier Life.

Vitality rewards you when you get active and track your activity. If you choose a Personal or Business Healthcare plan, excluding members with Vitality Essentials, all the Vitality partners and rewards are included as part of your plan. If you choose a VitalityLife plan, you need to add Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser for an additional fee of £4.50 a month.

Selected partners are available on VitalityInvest plans with Vitality Core included. If you choose a VitalityInvest Retirement Plan in drawdown, you’ll need to add Vitality Plus at £4.50 per month. Vitality Plus is not available on other VitalityInvest plans. Selected partners are available to members with Vitality Essentials on a Business Healthcare plan.