Cover your Business and Employees with Vitality's Suite of Business Insurance.

Choose from a comprehensive suite of Employee Benefits and Risk Solutions for businesses.

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Employee Benefits.

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by offering your employees a pre-set benefits package that encourages all round health and wellness.

Business Protection.

Ensure your company is protected with a variety of plans that can be tailored for you from Key Person Cover, Shareholder or Partnership Protection and Loan protection to Employee Life Insurance.

Healthier Staff.

Your employees will have access to high-quality, 5-star Defaqto rated care that is fair and rewarding.

Your Business In Perfect Hands.

While you’re concentrating on revenue streams and productivity, who is going to take care of your workforce and financial concerns? We, at 1.618 Advisory will. Our expert team of advisors are here to assist you with everything from Holistic Business Needs Analysis to advising you on the perfect plan to suit the needs of your business and employees.


Quality employer-funded healthcare products for employees that ensures quick and easy treatment with quality independently selected specialists. What's more, you can make your cover more affordable as your employees get healthier

Business Insurance.

Comprehensive business risk cover that protects you from a variety of losses from embezzlement to third-party claims as a result of negligence, or the actions of those acting on behalf of your business. Choose from Key Person Cover, Shareholder or Partnership Protection, Loan Protection and Employee Life Insurance.

Your Perfect Life Insurance Plan.

With options including Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance and Whole of Life Insurance, Vitality’s policies provide for your family in the event of your death.