CASE STUDY – Encephalitis

Posted in General on Dec 21, 2018

Encephalitis What is it? Encephalitis is an uncommon but serious condition, in which the brain becomes inflamed. It is potentially life-threatening and requires urgent hospital treatment.

For this condition to qualify as a claim, we only check for a definite diagnosis of Encephalitis and evidence of symptoms, these do not need to be permanent, which is a requirement for many other insurers.

Harry, aged 55, has an indexing plan of £22,500 Life Cover & Serious Illness Cover, Harry also selected Protected Life & Serious Illness Cover.

In 2017, Harry was diagnosed with Encephalitis. He received a 10% payout of £2,250. As he has protected Life & Serious Illness Cover, his cover returned to 100% providing him with full cover for the future.

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